Sofia Tereshchenko

Hello! I am a freshman journalism student at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota.I like to report on people that make an impact in the community. And showing people's lives through photos and words.I like waking up early to watch the sunrise, and sipping on a salted caramel cold brew while I study in a Starbucks and making people smile.I am seeking to make a difference in the community as a journalist.

Student by day, entrepreneur by night

Small entrepreneurs make it big at Bethel University with dreams of expanding beyond campus.

Anna Petrov spun around. It is a Thursday night at the Ukrainian Center on Main Street in Minneapolis. Petrov takes a night away from Bethel University to enjoy swing dancing from 10 p.m-2 a.m. There’s jazz music, no phones in sight, and a lively atmosphere. Her busy life on campus as a business major and psychology minor and managing her small business on top of all that.

Petrov’s bad experience in a

Hearing the truth at Revival Church

‘Grace Flows Down’ plays inside Revival Church in Apple Valley. The worship team sways, the bass guitar shakes the stage, the snares of the drums rattle. Alex Yermolenko is excited and ready to preach to the Slavic youth of Minnesota. Youth Pastor Alex Yermolenko, originally from Sacramento, California, began a tradition of Revival Nights for the youth to be able to gather somewhere and have fellowship with neighboring Baptist churches throughout the Twin Cities. Yarmolenko’s passion and fire fo

Elise Bierbaum makes an impact

Elise Bierbaum was 7 years old when she began. Jim Anderson, her coach, treated her as his child. Bierbaum eventually took his position. Ethan, her favorite student, who loves to put flowers in her hair, is why Bierbaum has changed her passion.

Bierbaum is an 18-year-old junior at Bethel University, speaks Chinese almost fluently, was named after the song Fur Elise by Beetoven, and always wanted to be a lawyer. Majoring in political science, having a background in shadowing a corporate lawyer.

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